June 13, 2021

Sexual Arousal And Seduction

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Sexual Arousal And Seduction


Sexual arousal and seduction go together like hand in glove.


This is going to be a long one but it will be worth your time – I am going to tell you everything you need to know to get going with this.


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It is a complex subject – it fact, it is really more than one subject because sexual arousal and seduction are not the same thing:


Sexual Arousal And Seduction At Work


Arousal is sexual stimulation, seduction is removing barriers to having sex, and then engaging in sex.


It is complicated because:


  • Sexual arousal and seduction go hand in hand, they happen on both a physical and a psychological level.
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  • How to seduce a woman and how to arouse a woman successfully changes from one woman to the next – so it is a moving target.
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That might make you think that it is hopeless – it’s not.


Even though every woman and every man might be different; there are certain aspects of human psychology that are common.


That means that most of us will respond in a predictable fashion – feel similar feelings and emotions – when subjected to certain situations.


In other words – we all have similar buttons that can be pushed in similar ways – with similar results.


Seducing someone and sexually arousing someone can be treated as separate things.


Creating arousal does of course increase the desire and motivation for sex.


The thing I would point out is that sexual arousal is something that happens on mostly a physical level in response to emotional stimulation.


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Arousal has visible or measurable markers.


Seduction is mostly psychological and emotional – it breaks down the intellectual barriers that prohibit or discourage giving in the the feelings of arousal.


Additionally, arousal and desire often operate in the absence of any particular emotional or physical attraction. Most relationships evolve from a sense of mutual attraction and then become intimate.


Once arousal and desire take over, there doesn’t need to be any real emotional attraction.


It’s sort of like if your hair catches on fire:


You don’t care about anything else until you extinguish that fire.
You will duck your head into a bucket of horse piss without hesitation and never be disgusted by it – until the fire is out.


Seduction is the art – really, I am going to turn it more into a science for you – of getting someone primed and ready for a physical encounter, arousal is when you elicit emotional and physical responses through the use of seduction techniques.


So obviously, sexual arousal and seduction are complementary.


So, there are a bunch of $10 words to describe it; now we are going to quit talking about what it is and get down to how to do it.


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Creating Sexual Arousal


I am going to break it down into three steps:


  • The approach:
    Obviously; this is when you walk up to her.
  • The exchange:
    This is the conversation that you have with her; this is the most critical part and it will be divided into several parts within itself. It is during this stage that you will create a rapport and press what I call her emotional, psychological and sexual triggers – this is where you actually work the seduction.
  • The closer:
    This is the art of bringing it all together and taking it where you want it to go.

Before you can arouse and seduce a woman you first have to see one who seems to be approachable.


Then you have to actually approach her and start a conversation.


Some guys have a little problem with this part – it is called “approach anxiety”.

I show you how to deal with approach and interaction issues here.


For this one; I will assume that you have no real problem with that.


But understand this:


Most women will make certain assumptions and judgements about you from the very instant they see you approaching.


Those instant opinions might be right or they might be wrong.


fwb cartoon sidebar image girl from behindHowever, the fact is that she is going to make them and once made; it can be pretty hard to change them.


The key here is to guide her (subconsciously) to have the perceptions that you want her to have.


That might seem like I am talking about casting some kind of magical spell or using some Jedi Mind Trick.


It’s not magic, but it is human nature:

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We are “programmed to respond in certain ways to certain things, and we can use that deliberately.


What we are about to explore involves bypassing the logical mind to engage primal emotions.


We will also reinforce those deep-seated emotional responses by framing and qualifying the feelings:


In other words, we make the feelings “OK”.


Using Arousal In Seduction


And this is how it begins:


  • The approach:
    You have to approach her with casual confidence. You walk toward her with your shoulders back and your gaze firmly fixed to her eyes. You should be facing her directly. You need to project a sense of focus and determination; but that is only during the approach; all of that is going to go away and be done differently during the exchange that is about to follow.
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  • The exchange:
    Here is where you turn the tables a bit by appealing to those subconscious, hard wired aspects of human nature that I mentioned before, using the techniques below.
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It is a fact of human psychology that we want what we cannot have, or think that we maybe cannot have. For that reason, during the “exchange”; you need to project a sense of being interested but not too interested. You want to inject a possibility of “scarcity” into the situation – the chance that your interest will go away.


You do not want her to think that you are hers for the taking.


A “sense of urgency” helps overcome any possible resistance to seduction.


Body Language In Seduction


Now, we are going to use simple “body language” to accomplish that.


If you are not familiar with the art of using body language; then you need to check out the navigation menu here at Get Laid Tonight.


It is the art of speaking loudly and clearly while using no words at all.


We can all use words that are not true and say things that we do not really think or feel; body language almost never lies.


Knowing how to effectively use body language is the difference between hoping to get lucky with women and knowing how to be good with women.


Creating sexual arousal during seduction is easy with just a basic understanding of body language.


Unlike during the approach where you gazed directly at her, faced her head on and seemed to focus all of your attention on her; you now need to mix that up.


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Do not face her directly, have your shoulders turned slightly to one side and rather than holding her gaze; let your eyes wander just a little.


You don’t want to go overboard with this; if you do you will be sending a signal that you are not really interested. Look her in the eyes but glance away – at other women – do it quickly as if you don’t even realize that you are doing it and then look back at her.


She will see this and without even thinking about it she will interpret it to mean that you think you have more options than just her. That is the scarcity element that I mentioned earlier – you might not stick around if she doesn’t start to rope you in.


Casual Touch – The Foundation Of Intimacy


At the same time; you need to carry on a conversation with her but you need to try to create a sense of “rapport” – some shared feeling that will connect you to her on a deeper emotional level. A great way to do this is to share personal things like a love for animals or something from your life that will create a sympathetic response.


This will also strengthen the emotional connection that makes it easier to create sexual arousal.


This is where I have to mention the importance of casual touch. This is the single biggest thing that guys get wrong – they do not touch a woman enough from the very moment they meet.


When we meet someone new there is a “gap” between us. It exists on both a physical and an emotional level. The emotional divide will start to close during the exchange, leading to the building of rapport.


The physical divide can only be closed one way – through personal contact. From the moment you are close enough you should be touching her frequently in a casual way:


Just a tap to the back of the hand, a quick pat on the arm or shoulder.
Nothing too familiar, just quick, casual contact.


This will create a level of comfort with your touch that is critical to more intimate contact a little later on.


Sexual arousal as a prelude to seduction requires patience and adaptability.


The Seduction Complete


As the exchange continues, you should see her body language begin to change:


She will face you directly.
She will look straight into your eyes.
She will lean in toward you as she speaks.


Once you start to see these signals, it is time to move it to the next level.


  • The closer:
    You have her interested; the best thing about knowing how to seduce a woman starts with the understanding that many women want to be seduced. You just have to break down – or jump right over – her logical resistance to seduction. This is where you inject the sexual arousal that breaks down resistance to seduction.
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    That sounds like it could be hard. I mean, how the heck do you just create sexual arousal?
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    It is pretty easy to do, actually. All you have to do is create arousal within yourself. The best way is to just think about things that get you aroused. As your arousal grows your body language is going to change – your eyes will narrow, your breathing changes, you will lean in toward her as you speak to her.
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    She is going to see this and without even thinking about it; she will start to feel aroused herself.
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We are hard-wired to pick up on the feelings of those around us, and we are hard-wired to feel some of that within ourselves.


Once you see her body language beginning to change too, mirroring your own – her eyes narrow and her breathing gets faster and more shallow – it is time to find someplace a little more private.


You have just seduced a woman.


Sexual arousal and seduction are complimentary tactics that combine well for success.


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