July 28, 2019

Sexy Story Sites

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Sexy Story Sites


This post deals with something a little different than normal – sexy story sites.


I’ve been thinking that a lot of my regular visitors might enjoy a little diversion from the usual information I present, so I’ve decided to put something up that they might find either exciting or interesting.


I’m a big fan of erotic short stories, so I figure that a lot of you might be too.


On top of that, erotic stories are really great for escalating arousal when you share them with a partner.


They can absolutely enhance the desire for sex.


Under appropriate conditions, using sex stories or porn movies can very certainly serve to raise sexual arousal and desire to a fever pitch.


Now I’m not going to change the general nature of Get Laid Tonight by giving it pages dedicated to sexy story sites, erotic stories or erotic images (I may post some images later), so what I’ve done is this:


I’ve been reviewing a bunch of sexy story sites around the web, and I’ve come up with some that I think are exceptionally good.


get laid tonight sexy story sidebar imageSexy Story Sites – The Breakdown


Obviously, the list below isn’t comprehensive.
Fortunately, there are too many erotic sex story sites on the web to even start reviewing them all.


I also haven’t arranged them or ranked them from best to least or anything like that.
I set out to do that, but then I realized that they’re not all really equal in focus; so rating one against the other really isn’t applicable.


Some erotic sex story sites mostly have short stories about wife sex – slut wives, cuckold husbands; that sort of thing – some focus more on stories of seduction or women getting into sexual encounters that they did not intend.


So I decided that it wouldn’t be right to rank them all like they were in the same category.


But whatever the general theme of the stories, they’re all very hot, very erotic, and umm; stimulating.


I’m also not going to use and fancy “star ratings” or anything like that for one simple reason:
They are all worth checking out.


So below is a list of 10 great sexy story sites on the web in the opinion of the staff at Get Laid Tonight.


They’re in no particular order and they aren’t grouped by category.

Most of them have stories in multiple categories anyway, so they can of defy classification according to subject.


Some have illustrated stories or erotic picture albums, some also have videos, forums, blogs, and all kinds of stuff.


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I hope you have some free time – there’s a real possibility that you’re going to be kind of busy for the next few hours.


Here are our picks for some of the best erotic short stories on the web:


  1. Literotica.com

This is your erotic short story super-site and more.


A lot more.


They have a bulletin board, user-submitted erotic stories, and links to stores where you can discretely order all things adult.


Did I mention that it’s free to sign up?


They also have member contests with prizes and awards; so this is a site worth a visit.


Visit Literotica.com here

  1. LushStories.com

LushStories is an adult community absolutely loaded with features besides just the erotic stories.


There really isn’t time or space here to even start describing what they offer, other than to say it’s massive.


You really just need to see it for yourself.


Check Out Lushstories.com right here

  1. SwingLifeStyle.com

OK – this is far, far more than just an erotic story site – it’s a portal into the swinger lifestyle.


Yeah, the stories are there in all sorts of categories, but so are swinger forums and blogs, online stores, swinger cruises and hookups, genuine swinger ads by state; and a whole lot more.


Let’s just say this – if you’ve got a wife or a girlfriend who’s into sharing; you can write your own ticket here.

If you don’t have a wife or girlfriend, you’ll be surprised by how many girls and couples are looking for single guys.


You have to see it to believe it – see it here

  1. EroticStories.comget laid tonight sexy story inline ad

Another great site full of stories and more – picture galleries and videos are available to members.


Be sure to check out the erotic store, the adult links; and the even the cam girls.


There’s a great search feature that makes it easy to find what interests you, too.


Visit EroticStories here
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  1. SexStories.com

This is a great site.


Lots of stories in lots of categories, with a search function that makes them easy to find.


Another good search feature that you don’t see too often – a breakdown by themes: wife, voyeur, fetish – the list goes on and on.


See for yourself – check out SexStories.com here
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  1. StoriesOnline.net

This is an interesting site.


It has the usual erotic short stories broken down by category; but it also has full-blown erotic novels, serials and e-books too.


It’s easily searchable, and kind of unique among erotic story sites.


I was taken by surprise by this one – you may be too.


This site has some of the most extensive and lengthy erotic fiction that I’ve seen outside of Amazon, or your local adult book store.


Check out StoriesOnline.net here

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  1. MyErotica.com

MyErotica.com is a bit different that most of the other sites listed here.


It’s less an “erotic story” site, and more of “erotic fiction” site.


That sounds kind of like the same thing, I know; but it’s not.
It’s about quality – it’s also about podcasts if you prefer listening to reading.


It’s sort of like the difference between movies, or films; I guess.


The bottom line is – it’s got erotic stories for days.


Visit MyErotica.com here

  1. Chyoa.com

Another great site with erotic stories – with a twist:


They’re interactive.


At certain points during the story, you select the direction that the rest of the story takes.


It’s pretty different, and pretty interesting.


There’s also a pretty active forum with some interesting posts.


See Chyoa.com here


  1. Fantasies.com

What a great name for an erotic story site!


And as is the case with pretty much all of the sites I mention here, there’s a lot more than just the sexy story angle – there’s movies, pictures and more.


And I have to say, the quality of these stories is superb, you will spend hours here if you’re not careful.


See it for yourself – visit Fantasies.com here


  1. NovelTrove.com

At the risk of repeating myself – another great site!


Lots of short sexy story categories to enjoy, and a great selection of longer, erotic fiction that will keep you coming back for more.


And yeah, it also has a blog, an active forum and a discrete marketplace for whatever adult good, toys or novelties you might happen to need.


Click here to visit Noveltrove.com


So that should be a pretty good list to get you started.


There’s a lot of variety there with everything from short to long and everything else you might want including forums, blogs and podcasts.


And if you’re into erotic stories, you may be interested in an upcoming post of a related nature – sexy image sites.

We’re going to list out top ten sites to find sexy images in various sexy categories like voyeur, public, downblouse, and more.


We’ll put a link here once it’s published.


Check them out, and leave a comment below to let us know if you like them!


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