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Personal Ads

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Personal Ads Craigslist personal ads have been shut down; and that has a lot of people looking for personal ad alternative sites or other effective local options. Backpage is gone too, increasing the need for local hookup alternatives. So if you’re interested in finding local dating partners for whatever – then this post is for …

Meet People Online

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Meet People Online I mention on several pages here the advantages of using personal ads and dating sites to meet people online. Just a few years ago almost everyone met their dating partners through friends or people that they work with. That is still true today, but those numbers are changing. These days, almost 25% …

Casual Relationships

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Casual Relationships Casual relationships are for people in a hurry. They choose to delay or avoid long term relationships. Consequently, they just look for no strings companionship, and maybe fast gratification. There are as many kinds of casual relationships as there are people who are looking for them. Some people might only want someone that …