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OK – let me make this as fast and easy as I know how for you guys who want to find a Craigslist personals alternative right here, right now:

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So with that now out of the way:

Craigslist casual dating options have become a big topic of discussion recently.

That’s not surprising since Craigslist was the “go-to”
resource for finding women for men.

Obviously, Craigslist adult personals are a thing of the past; having been shut down recently..
I blames the blatant nature of sites like Backpage that were little more than sites promoting prostitution.

Using Alternative Sites

Whether searching just for W4M, or anything else, Craigslist was the bomb when it came to sex finder personals.

Before I go any farther, I’m going to list the top five Craigslist personals alternatives.

Then I’m going to get into the reasons why they are the top five:

Okay, I know – that’s six, not five.
That’s because all six belong in the top five, if you know what I mean!

And listen – there’s a bonus at the end of this article:
Let’s just say that if you are an older guy who is attracted to younger women, you are going to want to check it out!

But look, the personals section of Craigslist has been shut down. And at almost the same time, Backpage became a thing of the past too.

Consequently, a lot of people are looking for other options when it comes to finding partners. In addition to that, it means looking for whatever kind of relationship(s) they happen to want.

And that’s why I’m listing the options above.

Different Strokes For Different Folks:

Each one is geared toward different kinds of relationships. Whether you are looking for a friend with benefits or a partner for life or just a companion; you can find that with the sites above.

Craigslist personals served a great purpose for a long time.
But the truth is that they had become full of ads for spammers and con people.

There were also a lot of ads that were little more than thinly disguised invitations to have sex for money.

That’s prostitution.

Because of those ads, a lot of local law enforcement agencies were using Craigslist personals craigslist personals alternative meet red cta bannertoo. They used them to run prostitution stings.

More than one guy has found himself in an embarrassing (or worse) situation.

Just because he answered the wrong ad he became a suspect.
The same things can be said about Backpage.

Only it was much worse – a lot of the personals there weren’t even thinly disguised as “dating partners” – they were just offers of sex for cash.

I’m surprised that it took so long for the Feds to shutter that site.

Consequently, many people today are looking for Craigslist personals alternative sites. Sites that will help them find the kind of relationships – or just plain hookups – that they desire.

So with that out of the way; here’s why one or more of the sites or services listed above are good choices for you to check out:

They’re legal.
They are established.
Most work well for a lot of people.
Scams are almost non-existent.
These are real people looking for real partners.

Did I mention that almost all of them are also free to join?
And that they help you to hookup with others right in your town?


Fling Dating is one of the older, more established sites out on the web.

It’s been around since the mid-90’s, so they were among the first.
It has hundreds of thousands of members and the site gets tens of thousands of hits every day.

But here’s one of the best things about it:
In addition to the high traffic, it has a very active membership.

These are people looking to meet in real time, face to face.

Fling makes it easy to search for people right in your town who are interested in all sorts of different relationships.

It’s like window shopping for sex – check it out here.

Meet Locals:

Meet Locals Dating isn’t quite as old as Fling.

There aren’t as many members, but they sure are busy looking for people to hook up with.

Just like Fling, Meet Locals makes it easy to search for partners based upon where they are and what kind of relationships they are looking for.

It’s also pretty easy to search based upon certain things that you might find especially important or attractive:
Do you like girls who are tall and thin?
craigslist personals alternative meet red inline banner
Are you more attracted to blondes or brunettes?

Regardless of what you want to find, chances are that you can find it with Meet Locals.

See more here.

Friend Finder:

Friend Finder Dating is a little change of pace from Fling and Meet Locals.

It’s also one of the oldest Craigslist personals alternative options.
And it has a huge member base too.

But it specializes more in people looking for “traditional relationships”.

It’s less about casual dating and more about longer term connections based upon shared wants, goals and ideals.

If you’re more interested in finding a life partner than a sex partner, Friend Finder is a good place to start your search.
Check out Friend Finder – visit here.

Kezia Noble:

Okay, Kezia Noble dating isn’t really what you would call a “dating site”.

It made the list as a great Craigslist alternative because it does something the other sites here don’t do:

It teaches you to be more successful with women and dating in general.

This one is here because I recognize that not everyone is that eager to look for partners online.

Some people just want to be better at finding the right kind of people the old-school way – by meeting in person. Kezia Noble is a great resource for doing exactly that.

It has comprehensive courses and face-to-face training:
Professional dating coaches and experts in relationships will cover everything from overcoming shyness, to how to approach and attract women, to what to say when you do approach them.

If you’re a guy who wants an alternative to using online dating sites, then Kezia Noble is a resource that you need to look into.

From books to DVD’s to actual coaching events all over the world, Kezia Noble has seduction and attraction covered from A to LAID.

Click here to see.


Uberhorny Dating is getting us back to the main topic of discussion here – finding local women who are looking for some casual fun.

It’s very similar to Fling, and that’s really not surprising since it is owned and operated by the same people that give us Fling.

It’s a smaller site, but still; it has a huge number of members and they are also very active.

Just like the others, it is free to join and start checking out the profiles.
You can easily see if there are interesting members in your area – click here to visit and search.

craigslist personals alternative meet locals banner

MILF Play:

MILF Play dating is for you guys who are more into mature women than just the younger ones.

You’ll find a lot of the same features here as on the other sites.
It’s also easy to use.

The main difference is that these are somewhat older girls.

Many are married and looking for something extra. Others are divorced and just looking for someone for some fun without getting too serious about things.

If you like your women a little worldlier and more experienced, this is a great Craigslist personals alternative option, and a good place to have a look around.

Check out MILF Play by visiting here.

Putting It All Together:

Now like I said at the beginning; here’s a little bonus tip:

Are you an older guy who’s really drawn to the younger women?

Then you’ve just stumbled onto some really useful information.

Did you know that there are a few things you can look for that will tell you right away, and with near certainty; which of the younger girls you see are really into older guys?

You see, there are a lot of young women who are seeking older guys.

For some, it’s kind of a “daddy issue”; but for many it’s more a matter of preferring mature guys.

Guys who know how to treat a girl, and who have lots more experience between the sheets.

But it’s not always just as easy as spotting those girls.
There are certain things you need to know that will play upon her natural preference for older guys.

These are things that will help you.

They will specifically help you – to be the older guy that she is most attracted to.

Check this out for more – visit now.

What It All Means:

But the real takeaway from this article is this:

If you were using Craigslist or Backpage personals to find dates and hookup, you’ve run out of luck there.
But you can see now that you haven’t run out of options.

There are some excellent Craigslist personals alternative sites like the ones discussed here.

Maybe you want a friend with benefits, or perhaps you want a steady girlfriend.
It may be that you’re looking for an entire harem of casual friends.

Regardless of what your desires are, you still have plenty of avenues to explore. And there are plenty of willing partners out there just wanting and willing and waiting to connect with someone like you.

So get busy, and then get lucky:

Check out one or all of the Craigslist Personals alternative sites above and you will likely see that you were settling for the less productive option all along.

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