December 31, 2017

Women Testing Men

Women Testing Men header imageWomen Testing Men


It’s well known that women testing men is a real thing.


When you first approach a new woman; she is going to test you.


It’s rarely as simple as just trying to talk to a woman who you want to go out with, it can get complicated.


It is time for a little schooling guys, because if you want to know how you can get laid like a champ, you have to know how to ace these tests!


Unlike some of the courses you took in high school or college; this will be something useful and valuable.


Testing men isn’t even usually a conscious thing on her part – it is hard-coded into her DNA. There are many reasons why she does it, and a lot of things she will test for.


Many women are conditioned by society and by their peers to need justification – rational motivation – before entering into an intimate relationship.


We won’t get into all of those reasons today – but I’m going to get into them later in other posts. I will also get into the most common tests that women use, why she does it and how to pass them.


Women Testing Men – The Tests


Today we’re just going to touch upon the three most common tests and how to walk right through them with ease.

You will learn to avoid the most common mistakes men make with women.


So let’s get moving:


The Compliance Test


I bet that you have approached a woman in a bar and she almost right away asked you to buy her a drink. That’s the Compliance Test at its most basic.


And when it comes to women testing men, it’s usually your first hurdle. She is testing to see if you are dominant or compliant. Consequently, the worst thing you can do here – and most guys do it – is just buy her a drink.


To pass this test, you want to put it back on her – you’d be glad to buy her a drink – but first, you want to hear her best Marge Simpson voice.


This levels the score and turns compliance into a give and take that you both agree to.


You have aced this test!


The Congruence Test


The Congruence Test is more subtle and it comes off as pretty mean spirited because it usually involves a cruel or dismissive comment.


You are talking to the girl when suddenly she says something like, “That is a really ugly shirt why did you wear it today?”


She is testing your reaction to an offhand remark; and thus your self-confidence.


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Some guys get mad, some guys get defensive, but you’re going to know how to talk to this girl and how to get it right:


“I can’t stand a woman who has poor taste in men or in clothes – you’ve passed the test – I suppose that I can keep talking to you now.”


If you draw a blank or you can’t think of a clever or playful remark; just ignore her comment – act like it never happened and just keep talking.


The Gender Role Test


Most relationships have a dominant partner.


In The Gender Role Test, she will give you an order – “We’re going to move to that table over there”; something like that. However, it might be anything.


She is testing to see if you are confident enough and secure enough to be the one who is dominant.


The thing to do here is to ask her for an explanation – why she wants to change tables – and then say something along the lines of, “I like that idea – let’s go!”


Because you demand a reason, and then agree with her reason, you don’t hand her control over the situation.


Knowledge Is Power


There you have the three most common examples of women testing men and one of the best dating tips you will ever need. You know now how to recognize that you’re being tested; and how to ace those tests.


This is the first post in a series. Follow the links below and keep reading because I’m going to get into a lot more detail about each of the ways that women test men.


If you read this series, you will ace each test, and be ready for the “final exam”; and that does not take place in a classroom!


But let’s take it a little farther – let’s break it down into each of its parts and gain a deeper understanding of each little piece of the puzzle:



The Compliance Test
The Congruence Test
The Gender Roles Test


And once you’ve worked your way through each of those scenarios, you will be ready to sail to the front of the class!


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