October 22, 2017

Dating App Profiles – Create Yours For Success

dating app profiles header image 2Dating App Profiles

Great dating app profiles don’t happen by accident.

Do you want to know the single most important thing when it comes to success
with using dating apps? It’s the dating app profiles.

According to a recent Pew Research study, 40% of adult Americans considered “single and looking” have used dating sites and\or dating apps to meet partners. Once considered “weird” or something that only desperate people would do; online dating is changing the way people meet and interact, and it has definitely entered the mainstream.

Think about it like this:

Have you ever created a resume?
Having a well done resume doesn’t get you a job – it helps to get you the interview that gets you the job.

The Purpose Of Dating App Profiles

It’s the same thing with dating app profiles that you create for dating sites or dating apps – it doesn’t get you the date but it plays a big role in getting you that initial contact that might lead to the date.

Considering that 35% of new marriages and relationships initially begin online, “putting your best foot forward” in the online dating world is an important consideration for anyone looking for prospective partners online. That is especially true if you’re looking for a steady, “traditional” kind of relationship. But don’t neglect dating app profile even if you are searching for something more casual.

Your Top Focus

So here are some tips for creating that award winning resume – I mean profile:

  • Your profile picture(s) should be really good.
    Here’s some things to keep in mind because this is what gets the ball rolling. You need to have four or five good pictures, preferably using a mix of head shots and body shots. Here’s an odd fact – outdoor and “action type” pictures in dating app profiles get a 19% higher click through rate than “posed” shots or those that show you just sitting around.
    There are a few things that you want to avoid at all costs:
    a) No selfies – they get 8% fewer clicks
    b) No shades or goggles – they hide your face
    c) No bars\drinking shots, no car shots, no nude shots and no pet shots
    d) No big, dumb grin shots

Bonus dating tip: A great technique is to have a friend shoot a couple of 30 or 60 second videos of you just “doing stuff” – you can then select stills from the videos.

Like I said – think about your profile as if it were a resume – you profile pics is like the cover letter that makes them check out everything else about you.

And Then…

And that brings us to the second most important aspect of your profile:

  • Keep it short.
    A prospective employer might want to see your entire work history on your resume, a prospective date doesn’t want to know everything about you from your profile. You want to avoid sharing too much information. Additionally, you certainly don’t want to share sensitive personal information (you might want to leave out the credit card and Social Security numbers). Information overload in the profile can be a real interest killer. Also, it can remove any sense of mystery about you. All of that discovery can come later – it’s part of getting to know someone if things get to that point.Bonus dating tip: Do mention something that you really care about or are really into. For instance, if you have a passion for boating or hiking, say so. Doing that provides an easy subject of conversation for her to bring up later.

But hey, what about your personality?

Dating App profiles inline image

  • Mention a character flaw or imperfection.
    Most of us have a natural tendency to present ourselves in the best possible light. This is an especially easy trap to fall into when creating dating app profiles or an online persona.

Just How “Perfect” Are You?

But think about this:
If you want her to “swipe right”, you need to set yourself apart from all of the other guys and give her something that they don’t give her. Something a lot of them would never give her: a flaw.

It will grab her interest and make her a little more curious about what kind of guy you are. Obviously, you don’t want to say that got busted and fined for taking upskirt shots at Walmart with your shoe-camera, but something like:

“I’m a complete nerd when it comes to Star Wars trivia”, or some other minor trait that might be considered a flaw or imperfection. That can do a lot to make your dating app profiles memorable and unique. A small character flaw can be endearing – let all of the other guys try to come off as just another Mr. Perfect, make yourself stand out. This carries an added advantage – she will expect you to be a regular guy with imperfections, you can live up to that easily enough.

Bonus dating tip: Give her something to wonder about and make her think about you – “I met Taylor Swift once completely by accident, but that’s another story” – get the idea?

Grab Her Curiosity

And then there is this tactic:

  • Use unfinished questions to your advantage.meet locals sidebar 2 wide
    “Did you know that…” followed by, “that big, new movie opens this weekend?”, will pique her interest. Our minds are programmed to complete sentences, tossing out a sentence fragment will have her mentally engaged thinking about the rest of it.

Bonus dating tip: Asking part of a question or using a sentence fragment – especially in the subject line of an email – and then completing it in the body of the message or email is guaranteed to get her mental gears turning and capture her focus.

But once all of this comes together, you need to:

  • Meet quickly.
    Rushing into a face to face is never a great idea, but waiting too long is even worse.
    If you really have her interested, she is going to be creating an “image” of you. She will be imagining who you are and what you are like. Just like we have a tendency to be too self-positive and self-promoting when we create a profile; she is going to be inclined to create an ideal image of who you are or what kind of guy you are. If that happens, then when you do meet; the real you might fall either a little or a lot short of her ideal, imagined you.

Bonus dating tips: Keep it fun, sociable and positive. Avoid describing yourself in ways that make you seem to favor solitary hobbies or pursuits. Always be truthful, always use recent photos and always check your spelling and your grammar.

Let me say that lat bit again: always check your spelling and your grammar.

Great Dating App Profiles Are Planned

Now that you know the key parts of dating app profiles; and you have an attention grabbing profile, update it regularly.

It is a work in progress – a living, breathing, ever-evolving description of you.

Dating apps and dating sites are often geared toward people who are looking for casual relationships or who were hoping to find fast sexual hookups. They are popular with guys as well as with women seeking men for dating. There’s still plenty of that and those are great resources for that. But more and more people are meeting their “significant others” through online means. A recent survey reports that 21% of respondents met their current partners through a dating site or by using a dating app.

And even though the numbers are still being collected and compiled, indications are that relationships initiated this way are longer lasting than those created through traditional, offline means. It seems that by selecting someone online, you have  already qualified them for dating in terms of their compatibility. That is often lacking when you meet someone randomly.

It will be the subject of another article here; but studies are also indicating that online dating is actually changing the nature of society by removing the restrictions imposed by the small, close-knit social groups to which individuals belong.

Do you keep your dating app profiles interesting and up to date?
What do you think about online dating and the way it’s changing society?

Leave a comment and let us know!


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