August 26, 2018


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Have you ever wished that there was a sort of magical Sexfinder that you could just turn on when you wanted sex? Something that delivered without having to go through the whole “dating and mating” routine?


Like Speed Dial For Sex


Well, there is:


It’s called the Internet; and it is without doubt the biggest friend and the best tool ever for people who are looking for sex.


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If you have ever wondered about the best ways to find sex fast, then you need to:


  • Use hookup apps
  • Browse personals ads
  • Try hookup sites


Now each has its advantages and disadvantages.
But one advantage shared by all of these possibilities is this:


They are focused.
They take the need for luck out of the equation.


You can choose one or more that are specifically tailored to connecting people who have the same desires.


Unlike meeting people at random – more on the benefits of that below – you can really target the kind of people you want to meet. You can cut straight to the chase by connecting with women who are looking for men.


You can seriously find women who want seduction, casual encounters or even a Friend With Benefits kind of relationship.


If you’re like most of us, you’ve read about fantasy encounters on erotic story sites and wondered if they happen in real life. You’ve wondered why they can’t happen to you, too! It is no exaggeration – you can come close to fantasy-come-true by hooking up with some of the girls on casual dating sites. They know what they want and they aren’t playing around when it comes to playing around!


If you’re looking for a steady girlfriend, you need to search a little differently than if you just want a booty call.


I say that using dating apps, and ads and sites like the old Craigslist personals is like using a laser instead of a shotgun when it comes to finding W4M; and what you want to meet them for.


You wouldn’t go to Best Buy if you wanted to get a hammer.
You would go where they actually have what you want to find.


Using hookup apps and ads and sites is no different – they come in different flavors depending upon what kind of relationship you need to find.


Let’s take a look at them.


Dating Apps


Apps have been to go-to method for finding a sex hookup for several years now.

Download the app to your phone and just start searching. Each one is a little different, but with most all of them, you search for people in your area that are looking for casual sex, you connect; and then you really connect.


Hookup apps like Tinder or Bumble are good for this, but the widespread use of these things has created an interesting phenomenon, and it is called:


Sexfinder App Fatigue.


Many long time, heavy users of hookup apps are starting to get tired of all the searching and swiping that leads only to connecting with people who are not who or what they appeared to be.


Many women say that they are now more open to be approached by strangers in public places – just like before the rise of the apps.


Now may be the best time ever to just walk up to a girl somewhere and say, Hi”.


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I wrote a couple of posts a few months ago about the whole, “app vs physical approach” scenario in light of the app fatigue phenomenon.


They go into a lot of detail about why you might want to put that phone down in certain circumstances.


It might open your eyes and also give you some great tips on how to approach a girl, and how to talk to women when you do.


And understanding the techniques of creating rapport, and using sexual escalation will only make you more successful.


A lot more successful.


But the apps are far from over, and they can still be a great way to connect with someone when it’s all about the sex.


Check out this one: preview it and download it by clicking here.


Personals Ads


OK – there has been a huge shakeup in the world of personals ads over the last couple of months.


Maybe you’ve heard about it:


Backpage has been shut down.
Craigslist has discontinued their personals ads.


Well, those are certainly game-changing developments that have put a big damper on the world of casual dating personals.


It was good while it lasted, but the fact of the matter is that Backpage had become little more than blatant ads for prostitution. Additionally, unsavory people overran Craigslist personals. People who were looking less for sex and more for suckers that they could victimize.


Add to that the fact that both had become favorite law enforcement targets for prostitution stings. Consequently, those Sexfinder outlets became something to be avoided.


But it’s not all bad news:


There are many Backpage replacement sites that are legal, discreet and secure. The same is true about Craigslist sex personals alternatives.


Aside from that, there are still some personals sites that offer opportunities; but many of them come with the same risks that were present with Backpage and Craigslist.


For that reason, I would encourage you to stick to local personals ads that you can still find via your hometown newspapers and alternative lifestyle publications.


Sexfinder Hookup Sites


Hookup sites are far and away the most popular and fastest growing way for people looking for sex to connect today.


They offer a huge range of options that will let you focus your search on people in your area who are looking for the same things that you are.


Some sites connect people looking for traditional dating. Some connect people just looking for casual sex partners.


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The downside is that most of the really good ones are not free.


The upside is that all of the really good ones do have no-cost or low-cost trial options. These allow you to browse around and see if the site looks like a good fit before you invest too much time; or any real money.


Personally, I don’t have a problem with paying a few bucks for a membership if the site actually delivers; but that’s just me.


Now all of the options listed above are great, but I do want to discuss a little more one other method that I touched upon earlier:


Put the phone down, turn off the computer, get out there and do some face-to-face connecting.


It’s like this:


People are using sexfinder apps and sites so much that they neglect the face to face approach. Guys just walk up to girls less often now. They start a conversation with a girl only rarely these days.


And guess what?


Some girls like guys to approach them.


They miss it.
It makes them feel noticed and it makes them feel special.


Now if that’s not a great start to a potential relationship, then there will never be one.


Use Attraction or Use Apps?


I’ve got a lot of posts and articles here about ways to do just that, take a little time to check them out.

More importantly, once you’ve checked them out; get out there and give them a try.


I get a lot of emails and comments from readers who are discovering the excitement of meeting girls out of the blue just by using the tips and techniques discussed all over this site.


For some of us, it’s kind of like re-learning what we used to know. For some of the younger guys – it’s all brand new. They don’t remember a time when there was no internet or cell phones. These guys didn’t learn the basics: you appeal to her emotions. She will respond to that.


It’s part science and part of it is really an art.


Start with the science so that you understand how people are likely to react to any given situations; then learn to build it from there.


Creating attraction and sexual desire take a little time and effort.


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Knowing how to do it on the fly will sure as hell set you apart from all of those guys who just want to swipe one way or the other and magically end up between the sheets.


Keep in mind that I’ve got nothing against that; but sometimes that cake will taste a little sweeter when you had to take the time to bake it yourself.


The Conclusion?


So it’s over to you now; what do you think?

We’ve touched upon Sexfinder apps, and personals and sites – which one seems like the best fit for you?


I hope you’ll take a minute to leave a comment and tell me what you think.


What’s more – I hope you’ll take some time to read the site; and then use what you’ve learned.


Leave a comment if you have the time!


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