July 4, 2016

Local Dating

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When it comes to finding local dating partners, we have more options available now than ever before.


That’s a great thing because not every option is a comfortable fit for everybody who wants to meet local people for dating.


Not long ago, we pretty much had to rely on meeting friends of friends, meeting people at work, or maybe meeting people at parties, bars or social events.


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Obviously, not everyone goes to parties or bars, we only have so many friends, and opportunities for meeting people at work can be kind of limited – and also risky to the work relationship.


But things are looking up.


Old vs New To Find Local Dating


All of the old style ways of meeting local dating partners still exist, however; it seems like in the world of today that those methods leave a little to be desired for a lot of people.


Many don’t want to go the old route of meeting someone, getting to know each other and developing mutual attraction – it’s less about long-term compatibility and more about immediate functionality.


By that I mean that today, most people are in a big hurry to do whatever it is they want or need to do. It does not matter if that means finding a vacation deal, finding a weight loss program or finding dating partners.


I think that this big rush to do whatever we all do is in part because of the instant availability of information and\or products that we now have thanks to the internet.


In years not long past, if you wanted to meet potential dating partners you mainly did that through introductions by friends, or by meeting people at work. Or you met people at social events like parties. You can still meet people like that; the biggest problem with those methods is that so much is really left to chance.


Tried And True, But Random


local dating ads sidebar imageWhen I say that a lot is left to chance I mean that:


  • First, you have to actually have to go to the event and then meet someone
  • That person also needs to be looking to meet someone
  • There has to be some sort of instant interest or attraction to draw you together
  • You have to spend some time together to see if you have common interests
  • You have to both be looking for the same kind of relationship

That is just a partial list. You can see that the stars really have to be in alignment in order for two people to meet; both be looking for someone, actually have some things in common and be looking for the same kind of relationship at that moment in their lives.


How did anybody ever find anybody else with all of those things left to chance?


A Focused Search



In our modern world we do have options that make it a little faster and easier to more closely focus our search for local dating partners on people who already meet certain criteria:


  • People who are also looking for partners.
  • Those who want a particular kind of relationship.
  • People who share certain interests


Just to name a few things.


Today, we have personals ads, dating websites, dating apps and a whole host of other possible resources. We have those things in addition to the old school methods of meeting people.


They help us get a little closer to interacting with people that we are more likely to have things in common with.


“Pre-Qualified” Partners


Obviously, this can be a great time saver. We can connect with people that have basically already been vetted as potential dating partners:


They have certain qualities that we find interesting; or maybe even essential – to us in order to think about pursuing a relationship.


Some of those attributes that are of critical importance to some people might be:


  • Religion – some people only want to date within their faith.
  • Physical attributes – tall or short, lean or stocky, blonde or brunette, etc.
  • Nationality – many people only want to date others with the same cultural upbringing.
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  • Occupation – some people find it important to have a local dating partner who understands what they do. This is especially true of occupations like the military, farmers, law enforcement or other “first responder” types because of the lifestyles mandated by their occupations.
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  • Political\Social\Environmental concerns – many people are passionate about many things and feel that only someone who shares those concerns would be a compatible partner. An avid environmentalist might not get along so well with someone who thinks that “global warming” is a fringe belief that has no merit in reality.
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Your Local Dating Search Options


So in a sense, the “instant information” age has complicated our lives and hurried our pace; but it has also afforded us some tools that make those things easier to manage.


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Talk | Text | Meet | Start Now

If you are looking for dating opportunities locally and you like to “roll the dice”; then the old ways of meeting people are great.


Additionally, some people enjoy the process of finding someone more than they want a long-term relationship.


But if you have certain things that you think are important or even essential qualities that a potential partner must share in order for a relationship to be a possibility; then you now have the means to more easily find exactly those types of people.


Almost anywhere you might live there are personals ads in your local newspaper or other publications. Most locales also have online services where local people post ads or dating profiles looking for local partners.


A lot of those people specify up front exactly what kind of qualities they find important in a potential date or mate. Oftentimes, they state what kind of relationship that they are looking for.


Saving Time – Saving Effort


These kinds of services really do help to make it faster and easier to be selective in who you decide to try to contact and eventually meet.


They help us focus our efforts and attention – and time – on people who are already good prospects for us. We don’t have to invest time in figuring out that they people we meet aren’t looking for what we have to offer.


In addition to those services; there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of dating websites out there that basically operate by allowing people to create profiles outlining where they are and the kind of person they are hoping to meet.


So if you are looking for a local dating partner and you have not had as much success as you would like by using the traditional ways of meeting people; maybe you should at least look into the possibility of using one or more of the modern methods.


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They can be real time savers and a lot of people are using them with great results even in the smallest of towns.


But I have to throw up a big caution flag here:


You need to decide first what kind of relationship you are looking for.


Traditional Or Casual Dating


Match making sites tend to be oriented toward the type of relationships being sought.


You have sites geared toward traditional dating – like this one: Check out Friend Finder.


And others that are oriented more toward casual dating – like this one.


Maybe you have heard that online dating sites are for “weird” or lonely types. That used to be somewhat true. But over the last few years they have gained enormous popularity. What’s more, they have become the single biggest method connecting people today.


A survey conducted a couple of years ago revealed that over 21% of the people who responded had met their partners through online services. That is powerful social proof that online dating has come of age. It is now a mainstream way for people to meet in our modern age.


The Impact Of Online Dating


More significantly, social media sites and online dating platforms are changing society:


Our circle of contacts used to be pretty small and determined by our direct connections – friends, co-workers, etc.


We rarely interacted with people outside of our socially or culturally similar networks. Those limitations are falling away, replaced by exposure to unlimited diversity.


But they do this while still allowing you to focus your search on exactly the kind of people you want to meet.


Maybe it is time for you to give it a try?


Get instant access here to see what it is all about and start meeting girls in your town.


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