Dating Hot Women

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Dating Hot Women

Dating hot women – or even marrying the woman of your dreams – does not have to be an “impossible quest”.

However, you don’t want to rely upon “luck”.

Meeting and dating hot women isn’t out of reach even for guys like us; if we know what we’re doing.

There are proven techniques based upon human psychology and sexuality (sexual triggers) that you can use that can almost guarantee that you can be successful; even with women who some friends might tell you are “out of your league.”

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Consequently, it is worth your time and effort to if you want to be successful at dating hot girls.

Of course, before you can hope to date the girls of your dreams, you have to know how to meet hot girls.

Being able to approach a pretty girl and start a conversation shouldn’t be something you hesitate to do.

And it won’t be soon, because even really shy guys can overcome that anxiety and gain confidence just by learning a few simple techniques that we’re about to share.


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Also, you have to lose the mind set that some girls are “out of your league”.

Seriously, a lot of guys hesitate to approach the girls they’re really attracted to because they think they’re “too hot”, or “too classy”.

Guys – you know nothing about the girl.


Sure – if you walk up and say something stupid or offensive, she will likely shoot you down. But if you approach her the right way – and if she is even worth your time – you might be pleasantly surprised.

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And sometimes that’s important.

Being hot isn’t always the most important qualification for a dating prospect.

Dating Hot Girls – The Realities

Dating hot women is a matter of technique – not luck.

Using just a simple 3-part plan, you can approach a girl, start a conversation with even the hottest girl, and in no time at all you’ll have her phone number and have her looking forward to your call.

You will easily begin the process of building attraction and rapport.

The downside is that it takes time and effort and practice to learn these techniques; the upside is that you only have to learn them once to be successful from now on; and to prove to your friends that dating hot women might be out of their league; but certainly not out of yours.

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You need to gain a basic understanding of body language; the unspoken messages which all people send unknowingly. These messages speak volumes without a word being said.

You need to know how to read body language as well as how to “speak” it in the right way at the right time.

Saying the right things and broadcasting the right signals at the right time combine to make you “stand out from the crowd”; and those are powerful tools of seduction; and this is the key to dating hot women.

Understanding these unspoken signals will tell you what she is really thinking no matter what she might be saying; and they tell you what you should say or do next.

Therefore, reading her body language and knowing how to use yours; can actually cause her to subconsciously feel attraction on an emotional, motivational level; completely bypassing her logical senses. Being able to tap straight into her emotions and feelings is a priceless skill.

Creating Sexual Tension?

You should learn how to create sexual tension and desire within her by first creating it within yourself; it is easy to do and it does work.

You create that sexual desire within yourself and she will perceive that on an emotional level and start feeling it herself.

Watching her lips as she speaks presses a very potent sexual trigger; and when you see her watching yours; you are well on your way to a successful seduction.

Every woman; every person; is different, but we all share the same sexual and psychological triggers for the most part. Additionally, you can manipulate those triggers at will; helping in your quest of dating hot girls.

There are two types of body language; dominant and submissive.

You need to understand both if your goal is dating hot girls.

Dominant Or Submissive?

If you approach a woman and she meets your gaze and maintains it; this is a woman who is meeting you as being equally dominant; she’s less likely to be open to seduction.

If a woman meets your gaze and then looks down briefly she is demonstrating submissive behavior and is more likely open to your advances.

By sending your own dominant signals you can both make her believe that you have plenty of other options with other beautiful women right there in the same room; and that you are not “up” for her controlling the relationship because that’s your job. It’s the first step toward framing the relationship to be what you want it to be.

That is a key concept when it comes to meeting and dating hot girls.

Learn about the “tests” that women put us through when we first meet.

Also learn how to pass those tests.

If she asks you to buy her a drink; you have to “add your own terms” – tell her that you’ll be glad to – provided that she will stand up and do a courtesy; or her best impersonation of Donald Duck – something, anything, that puts the ball back in her court and makes her earn that drink; rather than you just running off to the bar or signaling a waiter or a waitress.

Do Women Really “Test” Men?

It’s a fact of dating hot girls:

Many women will put us through the “Congruence Test”; they will say something off-handed such as, “Those are ugly shoes; why did you wear them here tonight?”

They are expecting you to pause and look down.

She is expecting you to act in a fashion congruent to their slight.

But you don’t do it.

Because what you do is just keep looking her in the eyes and talking as if that comment was never made.

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Have you ever been caught in “The Friend Zone?”

If you don’t know what that is; it’s when you have met a woman that you are really attracted to; and she seems to be attracted to you.

In addition to that, you have great rapport and trust for each other and comfort with each other; but things just never progress into a physical relationship.

What could be wrong?

This happens for a lot of reasons.

However; the first and foremost cause for getting stuck in the friend zone is – are you ready – you did not touch her enough from the beginning!

Quick, casual touches during conversation; almost like accentuating your words with a quick pat to her arm or her shoulder or to the back of her hand; will bridge the physical gap with her as the emotional gap is also closing.

Consequently, this creates comfort with your touch; as her comfort with you as a man and as a friend starts to grow.

Therefore, it sets the stage for a physical relationship.

Getting Out Of “The Friend Zone”

If you are already in the Friend Zone; don’t give up because there are ways to “reset” the relationship and start over. It can be done in many cases; but not all.

I have only briefly touched upon some of the things that can make you “good” rather than “lucky”; and guys, I’d rather be good than lucky when it comes to dating hot women.

These techniques work every day and almost every time.

They are built around how we as people are designed to respond to advances.

That makes them almost no-fail.

Obviously, there are many e-books and courses available on the web that claim to teach these same techniques; some are crap; some are really good; this is the best one I have found:

Check it out here – you can’t go wrong with this.

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